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Studentkida is a collaborative learning platform where young people can learn about their interests, find a team, test their ideas, and start a new venture.

Most people give up their passion because of family situations and extreme challenges. But we want to change this .... It is our vision to help people do things that are important to them in life.

The Product Origin story

Studentkida is a straight reflection of our founder's strongest desires - A desire to make the most out of his life, a desire to achieve time freedom so that he could spend it on things that he loves.

As an innate explorer, he has been involved in a variety of activities, had diverse life experiences, made in-depth observations, extracted valuable life lessons, and lived life to some extent.

Now with his project, studentkida, he wants to help others interested in doing the same in life.

Studentkida is a straight reflection of our founder's strongest desires - a desire to Make the most out of his life, a desire of achieving time freedom so that he could spend it on things that he loves.

Being an innate explorer he's been into multiple things, had diverse experiences in life, had a deep observation, extracted valuable lessons from his life, and living life to some extent.

Now he wants to help others interested to do the same in life with his project studentkida.

From childhood, he wished to become a scientist (because he liked science, geography, and solving problems) and failed engineering grad (being in the wrong career and hence a dropout).

The Initial Fire

After completing the 12th, with a fire of early financial independence He started a blog using Blogspot (a free blog-making service by Google)(Thestudentkida.blogspot.com) on the subject of teaching college dudes fashion and cool stuff.

The Lockdown Effect

He was shortlisted for a computer science engineering course, surpassed the initial year somehow, and found it a wrong choice later. Due to the COVID crisis, colleges opted for online classes. Sudden family trauma and continuous home isolation caused him to develop depression and to quit his education which he hated.

The New Beginning

During his college days, he came to know about the marketing domain. His initial interest in marketing took him to entrepreneurship, where he bought hosting, and domains to apply his learning on the WordPress site.

The 1st attempt

Technology-focused YouTube channel End up being 35 subscribers, 4 videos, and lost interest 😅 2nd channel on employment training found formal education system not leading to employability End being the same 29 subscribers, 6 video,s and fell short on content due to inexpertise

Lesson from College & 2nd Attempt

He had been in the wrong career for 2 years. He so felt in need of proper career advice, information accessible to all. With some convincing, his close friends and he started painting the product outlook. Again, he felt short on domain expertise and was not in a position to hire someone. He soon found someone doing the same with expertise. Chapter closes...........

An Idea turned two

Realizing the solo founder's pain decided to help them find the right people for their vision. With a group of talented individuals comes the need for visionaries who will employ them. This resulted in two separate communities and product ideas.

Difficulty Magnified

He was a non-technical person, with no team, and was short of funds (he was financing through pocket money and his family was going through a bad financial phase at the same time), He felt extreme difficulty in designing tech products. An empty pocket, full of dreams, loses hope, but his never-dying passion won't allow him, He managed to learn in and outs of product requirements, and started building again solo.

And today, with multiple products, rising popularity, and immense growth, we are giving people the freedom to pursue their passion.

Our Mission


Giving people the freedom to pursue their passion.


Facilitating them to pursue their own goals in life


Guiding them toward financial independence

People behind idea

Our Team

Mayur Meshram

Founder & CEO

Bhargav Mhaske

Chief Operating Officer

Swapnil Chandawar

Chief Finance Officer

Suhas Khobragade

Chief Technology Officer

Don't worry if you can't figure out your purpose, find your passion. Your Passion will take you to your Purpose.

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