About Us

Helping people in doing things that matter to them.

Giving them the freedom to pursue their passion.

Helping them start a new venture.

Guiding them toward financial independence

Allowing them to interact with like-minded individuals.

For an average person (with financial constraints) living to their unique passion seems impossible.

  • Unavailability of learning resources
  • Lack of Funds and Team for execution
  • Unclear path…Have Ended dreams for many.

But not anymore, it’s now our mission to help people in doing things that are important to them.

Be a member and discover your true potential.

About Team

Mayur Meshram

(Founder & CEO of StudentKida)

An average individual who desired to achieve success, happiness, and contentment despite a number of setbacks, hazy dreams, and multiple retracts.

He is now giving clarity to those who desire to do things that are important to them (pursue their passion).

Childhood Dream

From a childhood dream of being a researcher (since I enjoy science, geography, and thinking skills) to a failed engineering student (been into the wrong career and hence a dropout).

After 12th

With a fire of early financial independence started a blog on Blogspot (Thestudentkida.blogspot.com) on the subject of teaching college dudes fashion and cool stuff.
With only two posts, give up.

Entry into Engineering

Shortlisted for a Computer science engineering course, somehow managed to pass the first year, and then realized that this is completely the wrong place for me.

The Lockdown Effect
Online classes and home isolation made me feel lost, I decided to discontinue my education.

A New Chapter

Initial interest in marketing gave rise to an entrepreneur within me, and I purchased hosting and domains to use what I learned on a WordPress site.

The very first failure

YouTube channel relating to technology.
lost interest with 35 subscribers, 4 videos

The second channel on employment training
realized that formal schooling does not lead to future employment.

End result was the same 29 subscribers, 6 videos, and a lack of content from inexperience.

Failure No. 2

With the realization of a wrong career choice, I felt the need for proper career advice and data that was readily available to all.

With the help of convinced close friends, I began painting the product's outlook. Again, I felt short on domain expertise and had no way to hire somebody else.

Later confirmed somebody else doing the same thing with expertise. Chapter close.

The Third try

For the reflection on the single founder's pain, I decided to help them in finding the right people for their vision.

One idea became two

With a group of talent, there should be a large number of innovators who are searching for talent. Hence resulted in two separate communities and product ideas.

The challenges becoming worse

Being a non-technical guy, having no team, and having very little money (funding through pocket money and going through a horrible economic phase) made creating tech products extremely difficult.

Empty pockets but full of dreams caused lost faith though continued because of endless passion. therefore began building again on my own after learning the ins and outs of product architecture.

And today, with two distinct products that are gaining popularity and intensive growth, we are providing people with the freedom to continue pursuing their passion.

Don't worry if you can't figure out your purpose, find your passion. Your Passion will take you to your Purpose.

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