Go From Passion to Profit With 30 Actionable Side Hustle Ideas

Having only one source of income is an outdated approach to personal finance. This course is a guide to turning your ideas into successful, sustainable income and personal pride. It shows you how to develop solid business ideas, choose the best concept, run preliminary numbers and tests, and scale your business.

Sakshi Puri · September 2, 2023

The side hustle economy is here to stay. It’s a social revolution that can improve our collective well-being and broaden our cultural approach to work. From security to extra income to confidence to fun, there are many benefits to a hustle. And when you start quickly and keep costs low, there’s very little risk.

Throughout the course, students will explore a diverse range of 30 actionable side hustle ideas, learn essential entrepreneurial skills, and develop a strategic plan to implement their chosen side hustles successfully.

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